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Back To School Tips For Your Fur-Babies

Back To School Tips For Your Fur-Babies

Here’s a few tips to help make the busy back to school season less stressful for your pet!

Tikki studies "How to Blog" on the job
Tikki studies “How to Blog” in honor of back to school week!

Keep up that social life!
Did you know when the plastic pool is emptied and everyone goes back to school, dogs may have a harder time adjusting than anyone else?  Think about it; walks and dog parks and play dates for months and then suddenly, it stops!  A lot of times, dogs who suddently aren’t socially stimulated may turn to bad behaviors such as chewing or barking. If busy, back-to-school days take time away from your pup, think about enrolling him in a doggie daycare or hiring a daily dog walker for some extra attention.
 Don’t forget the feline!
What about when cats are suddenly left alone during the day? It can mean that your cat seeks entertainment elsewhere by shredding curtains and scavenging the kitchen counter for last night’s leftovers. Keep in mind they may also go about their day as usual and not blink an eye at your absence (don’t take this personal). Anyway, It never hurts to leave kitty-safe toys out for them to play with (catnip pouch, cardboard box, scratching post). You can also hire a pet sitter to stop by for some affection and brushing.
Safety tips
Now that mornings are busy with everyone rushing out the door, take extra precaution that your cat does not slip through little feet on the way out to the school bus.  If your dog goes potty out front, take that extra couple of seconds to make sure they are on a leash so they don’t chase that squirrel down the road (it will save you time in the long run!).  Be sure to double check that doors, windows or gates are closed and secure. Sometimes leaving a TV or radio on for your pet can help soothe anxiety from being suddenly left in a big, quiet house.
Have a happy fall everyone! We hope these quick tips can help you and your pet ease into the back-to-school frenzy!



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