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The word osteopathy is derived from the Greek words osteon (tissue) and pathos (feeling) – essentially, feeling the motion of the tissues. As a general category, it encompasses several techniques including direct techniques (e.g. chiropractic), craniosacral techniques, functional indirect techniques, visceral manipulation, and strain/counter-strain techniques. The forms currently offered at CSAH are veterinary orthopedic manipulation (VOM) which is similar to chiropractic, and functional indirect osteopathy (FIO). For more detailed information on these techniques please see the related handouts on our website or available at our office.

First Consult Options

Our office offers two options for the first-time holistic care patient: naturopathic consult and osteopathic consult. The naturopathic consult is more extensive and includes more options for care, including acupuncture, herbs, homeopathy, reiki, and osteopathy. The osteopathic consult is strictly for VOM or FIO, and is therefore less expensive; this is a nice option for those who wish to start very simply for their pets. A more extensive workup can always be done at a later date if additional treatment options are needed.

Which to Choose

For issues that are primarily related to restricted tissue mobility (including internal organs, fascia, vasculature, nerves and joints) the osteopathic consult may be sufficient. For more complex issues involving metabolic disease or behavioral challenges the full naturopathic consult is a better choice. The latter is also better for older or debilitated patients who need more strengthening of basic body processes.

Post-Op Mini Treatments

Osteopathy is a wonderful way to help alleviate the tissue strain that may occur during any dental or surgical procedure. It can also promote healing and aid in faster recovery. Patients undergoing lengthy or complicated procedures are particularly good candidates for post-op osteopathic treatment, but even puppies and kittens may benefit from a post-spay/neuter session. Post-op sessions are discounted from the regular price. Clients scheduling any dental or surgical procedure for their pet can add a mini osteopathic treatment at the end of the day before their pet goes home (available on Wednesdays and Fridays) or on a subsequent day within the next week.


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