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The first naturopathic consultation is an hour long visit to provide sufficient time for a thorough work-up as well as the first treatment.  The work-up includes a complete physical exam, a Chinese medicine tongue and pulse evaluation, discussion of past and current medical history, and a series of questions about your pet’s unique habits, personality, social behavior, personal preferences, activities, diet, and response to illness.  This detailed information provides a holistic portrait of your animal friend as an individual that is used to select appropriate therapy, custom designed to suit his or her unique situation.  The first treatment is then provided to initiate the healing process that day, consisting of either acupuncture, orthopedic manipulation, reiki or appropriate combination.  Recommended medications to take home may include a homeopathic remedy, herbal formula, nutraceutical, or pharmaceutical as needed.  Finally, how to monitor progress and any recommended follow-up treatments are discussed.  For more information about each holistic modality, please see our website at www.cascadesummitvets.com.  The holistic approach is designed to benefit the whole pet, which not only maximizes healing of the issue at hand but also general vitality and attitude. 

Follow-up Visits 

Many animals need more than one treatment to continue the healing process, especially for chronic conditions (e.g. arthritis).  As your pet’s condition improves, visits are gradually tapered in frequency.  Half an hour is scheduled for follow-ups which may consist of acupuncture, orthopedic manipulation, reiki or appropriate combination.  In addition to discussing your pet’s progress, if applicable each recheck also includes Chinese tongue and pulse re-evaluation and homeopathic re-evaluation. 

Response to Therapy 

After the first acupuncture or orthopedic manipulation session, it is normal for some pets to experience minor discomfort for the first 12-24 hours but this is rare.  Most animals simply feel more relaxed afterward and may even want a nice long nap; conversely, some feel more energized.  The benefits from each treatment become longer lasting and wider in scope as they are repeated.  Animals with more acute issues tend to respond faster than those with chronic or deep-seated health problems.  As with any form of medicine, the earlier holistic treatment can be initiated in the course of disease the more effective it will be, but this is not a prerequisite for success.  Holistic medicine can provide great improvement for animals with even the most chronic diseases.  It is also a wonderful adjunct to any conventional therapy (e.g. surgery, chemotherapy) to improve response and alleviate side effects. 

Feel free to call or visit us for more information. We look forward to helping your furry friend! 


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