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A healthy cat is a happy cat! Regular wellness exams are the key to keeping your cat healthy.  Bringing your cat to us for regular wellness exams allow is the best way you can assure longer life and the highest quality of life for your cat.  Regular wellness exams allows us to evaluate your cat’s health so that we have the opportunity to prevent common diseases before they are contracted. The examinations allow us to build a medical profile that is unique to your cat. Using this information, we proceed with a course of preventative treatment that will ensure your cat’s continued good health and well-being.

The wellness exam is an opportunity for you to discuss any concerns you have about your cat’s health with us. Topics ranging from nutrition, allergies, and bad breath, to mobility issues, risk of infections and any lifestyle and age related changes, and our veterinarians’ expertise is at your disposal.

During your cat’s wellness exam, our veterinarians will:

  • Obtain a medical history
  • Check vitals and record your cat’s weight
  • Perform a complete physical examination, discuss any findings and make recommendations
  • Perform a dental evaluation. Dental care is very important for your cat’s overall health, especially as he gets older. We visually examine your pet’s teeth and gums for plaque and tartar, tooth weakness and decay. This screening often detects mouth pain and infections that can affect your pet’s heart, kidneys and liver. Click here to read more about the dental care offered at Cascade Summit Animal Hospital.

Feline Wellness Plans

We are now offering a variety of wellness plans for our patients.  We feel that this is an exciting new option for owners who would like to pay for care on a monthly basis.  All plans are tiered – with the next level including everything in the plan below it, as well as additional services and discounts. Please visit our Wellness Plan page for more information.

Our Vaccine Philosophy

Vaccines have proven important in preventing serious disease in dogs and cats, but no vaccine is 100% effective or 100% free of side effects (such as allergic reaction, shock, autoimmune disease, and others). For these reasons, it is important to design a personalized vaccine protocol for each pet, maximizing protection against the diseases your pet is likely to be exposed to while using the fewest vaccines possible.

Our current vaccine recommendations are based on up-to-date research and the incidence of disease in our area. During your pet’s exam we’ll ask you questions to assess your pet’s individual risk, based on his/her lifestyle, and then design a customized vaccine protocol. This can be modified as needed when that lifestyle changes, so be sure to let us know so we can keep your pet protected!

Feline Vaccines
Feline Vaccine Titers

Parasite Prevention and Control

There was a time when parasites like fleas, ticks, and roundworms were considered mostly a nuisance. Now, however, we know that parasites can cause serious illness and even death in pets. For example, ticks can transmit infections like Lyme disease, and fleas can transmit tapeworms and Bartonella – the bacteria that causes “cat-scratch fever” in humans. Another type of parasite, called a heartworm, is transmitted by mosquitoes. Heartworms live in your pet’s lungs and heart, causing damage to these organs, and sometimes even death. Intestinal parasites, like roundworms and hookworms, also threaten pets and are even transmissible to humans.

You may not always be able to tell if your pet has parasites. Fleas can hide under your pet’s fur, and some ticks are very tiny (only the size of a pinhead), so they are very difficult to find. Intestinal parasites like roundworms can cause diarrhea and other problems, but many infected pets don’t show any signs of illness at all.


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