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Rated 5 out of 5
January 24, 2023

My daughter and I, both, appreciate more than we can say the time Dr. Ortner took with us today! The staff was also so good to get us in on short notice. We had numerous concerns for our 18 year old cat, Ed, who has cancer. All of our worries were addressed with empathy, and the extra time Dr. Ortner took with us is greatly appreciated. Sincere thanks to Cascade Summit Animal Hospital.

Debbie P

Dr. Ortner is the BEST!

Rated 5 out of 5
November 10, 2022

Dr. Ortner is caring, smart and on the spot. She diagnosed my dog with allergy and anxiety quickly. She prescribed him once a month injection for his allergy. I was so happy it’s not a daily pill. We are pre-medicating my dog for his anxiety before his grooming appointment. Both the groomer and my dog are feeling comfortable and safe!! which make me feel relaxed!! THANK YOU again Dr. Ortner, we trust you and love that we got to know you.

maha shakir

Great service and excellent service care of our Cat

Rated 5 out of 5
October 3, 2022

My wife took our obnoxious fat 19.5 lb. Cat (Newton) in for his yearly check up. YES 19.5 pounds and yes he is on a diet (don’t fat shame us). Our cat has problems cleaning his back and we are constantly brushing him to prevent mats. Sabrina was able to control/comfort him so the mats could be clipped off. Outstanding job Sabrina. For some apparent reason Newton likes her. If I were to attempt this I would of been covered in scratches deeper then the grand canyon. I highly recommend Cascade Summit the care they provide for your family members.

Kirk Jensen

Very Helpful

Rated 5 out of 5
January 3, 2022

I can’t say enough about this place. My dog was having tummy issues and Chris was amazing! She got us the help we needed to get our girl feeling better. Fast, efficient and friendly. I recommend Cascade for any of your pets health needs.


Best care for our high maintenance pets!

Rated 5 out of 5
November 22, 2021

We have had nothing but compassionate and expert care for our dogs and cats. This staff goes above and beyond.

JULIE Garcia Trierweiler

This vet is AMAZING. As a first time client, they got me in the day I called to make an appointment. Upon walking into the vet, it was extremely quiet, clean, and the people at the front desk not only greeted me, but my kitty too. And I could tell that her comfort and mine was at the top of their priorities. After dropping her off there for the day so the vet could look over her entire body to make sure everything was working right, they proceeded to send me text message photos of her to ensure that she was in good hands! I just thought that was so cool, and further relaxed me that my baby kitty was not only being taken care of, but loved. Upon picking her up, the bill was a lot less than I had expected, and my kitty was happy. They even gave her a complimentary toy to play with during the day and to take home. They make it very apparent that they go the extra mile even with the little things which is also very cool. Not to mention at pick up, I sat in a room with the vet as he explained things to me and kindly answered all of my questions and concerns. He was not rushing with me at all. If you love your animal like I love my little kitty, PLEASE bring your pet here. You will feel at ease with the excellent care they provide. I am just so thankful I found them myself 🙂 THANK YOU CASCADE SUMMIT ANIMAL HOSPITAL!

Leah Ordonez
June 2013


We can’t say enough good about Dr. Ortner and the staff at Cascade Summit Animal Hospital. We and our seven cats have been with them since moving here in November 2006.

Dr Ortner is tremendous. She is exceedingly knowledgeable, always staying current with the latest medical news and technology, but equally important she is genuinely compassionate. The care received is gentle and love-filled, and carried out in an exceptionally careful manner. Additionally, we appreciate that she does not make unnecessary recommendations; indeed she keeps us from unnecessary procedures. And, her follow-up is terrific; always kind, thorough, and specific, without talking over our heads.

She surrounds herself with an equally wonderful and caring staff. We always get a big smile out of how much our cats are spoiled there; several of the staff have their “favorites”, and our cats play that to the fullest! We are obviously very happy.

Tom and Nancy Patik
January 25, 2013

Veterinary Testimonials

Our cat Tommy Lee was stricken with a life threatening liver condition known as Fatty Liver. He was hours from death when Dr. Christine Ortner planned a strategy and treatment for attacking the disease. It consisted of surgically placing a feeding tube into Tommy’s esophagus, prescribing a high calorie diet which was administered four times a day manually via syringe, and a number of vitamins and antibiotics. In addition Tommy had to endure the tube protruding from his neck and wear a collar to prevent him from scratching. This went on for over four weeks. Today, Tommy is well. His liver has returned to normal and he is the cat we have grown to love for over ten years. Most astounding though is that Dr. Ortner and her technician, Season, came by our home almost every other day to check on Tommy’s progress, weigh him, and take vital signs and blood samples for lab analysis. You cannot ask for more personal and caring attention than the staff at Cascade Summit Animal Hospital, West Linn, Oregon.

Mike and Cheryl Grail
March 8, 2013

Veterinary Testimonials

You know, it takes special people to comfort those who are going through turmoil with their pets and you all are these Kinds of People! You have made us feel so welcomed from the get-go and made my boy feel so special about being here. That says something about a vet’s office…about you! We just want to thank you for all the love you have shown Buddy on every visit – He can’t wait to come in and see his friends and do his tricks! You all are stars – thanks for all you do – You Rock!

Buddy, Sandi & Pat Wooldridge-Leonard
August 11, 2012


I started taking my dog, Robert, to Cascade Summit Animal Hospital a few years ago.  Right away I was amazed by the friendliness and compassion of the staff.  From the ladies at the front desk, to the techs and veterinarians, every member of the staff showed sincere concern for Robert’s health and well-being as well as expert knowledge in the field.  The vets were very thorough and went over everything with me to make sure I understood.

Unfortunately, veterinary costs are always expensive and in a tough economy I was forced to find a cheaper veterinary clinic. I was very hesitant to go anywhere else because I felt like the best care he could get was at Cascade Summit, but I couldn’t afford the higher up-front costs. One visit to another clinic solidified my belief that Cascade Summit Animal Hospital is leaps and bounds above other clinics in terms of the quality of care, cleanliness and friendliness.  I decided to take Robert back to Cascade Summit Animal Hospital despite the somewhat higher costs because he simply received better care there. I realized that maybe it cost a little more, but that was only because they go above and beyond to make sure Robert was healthy. Where the cheaper vet would do a rushed ten-minute general exam, Cascade Summit runs the necessary routine tests such as blood work and a fecal analysis to make sure there are no developing issues to address as Robert ages. The vets and techs never make me feel rushed at appointments and they always take the time to address any concerns I may have.

Luckily, on my next visit, the technician told me about their new wellness plan that allows me to pay a monthly charge covering most of Robert’s general care and includes a discount for anything else that comes up outside of the plan. It’s so nice to spread out the costs of Robert’s veterinary care throughout the year, and even nicer to know that I no longer have to compromise the care he gets for financial reasons. I know he’s getting the best possible care and that gives me incredible peace of mind. I was even able to have his teeth cleaned (usually a $380 procedure) at no additional cost; it was covered under the wellness plan. When Robert was injured, not only were they able to squeeze me in that day, his exam was also covered under the wellness plan. In both visits, I was able to walk out of the office without having to pay for anything, and Robert received excellent care.

I thought about highlighting specific techs or vets that have been extraordinary, but I truly believe that every single person I have come in contact with has been kind, caring, professional, and passionate about what they do. Robert has seen both Dr. Ortner and Dr. Chamberlin and both were phenomenal. Dr. Ortner’s knowledge of vaccines was very helpful and I felt that she listened to me and addressed my concerns about an eye problem Robert was having. Dr. Chamberlin did a thorough examination of Robert for an injury and was very caring. Both doctors took their time and communicated well with me, something you don’t see much these days, and something I very much appreciate. The entire staff is stellar and I would recommend Cascade Summit Animal Hospital to anyone without hesitation.

Shasta Barnes
April 17, 2012

Veterinary Testimonials

In late 2011, my husband and I sought Dr. Lauren Chattigre’s Holistic Veterinary expertise for our 2 1/2 year old Golden Retriever, Kelby. Kelby was having intestinal issues at the time. We entrusted Kelby’s care to Dr. Chattigre, as she had been so helpful with our previous Golden Retriever, Libby. Dr. Chattigre’s approach with Kelby and Libby was one of kindness, soft-spoken words, and total involvement with their well-being. We always appreciated her dedication to our “girls”.

Dr. Chattigre spoke openly regarding Kelby’s health issues, and was able to succinctly explain various treatment modalities she was recommending. As well, she was very receptive to any questions we had, and was quick to let us know that we could call or email her at any time. I found having access through email helpful, as I sometimes had issues to report, or just wanted to share with her how well Kelby was responding to new interventions.

My husband and I would definitely refer our friends to Cascade Summit Animal Hospital. The staff is most courteous and helpful. Additionally, the processes of both checking in and out are done in an expedient manner. Cascade Summit Animal Hospital offer a first-class operation.

Kathy Benjamin
March, 2012


First off, Sissy (our 7 year old female Doberman) was diagnosed with Wobblers’ Disease.  After much research, my husband and I both felt that Acupuncture was one of the things she needed in her daily life to help cope with this disease.  We were referred to Dr. Chattigre’ from a friend who also goes to her and has Dobermans.

I have to say, Dr. Chattigre is one of the kindest veterinarians I have ever met. Not only does she do her acupuncture, but she stays in the room and talks softly to Sissy and massages her during the 30 minute procedure.  Sissy usually comes in panting and after 5 minutes of this treatment, she has stopped panting and actually acts like she’s “special”. We are currently in La Quinta, California.  I was given two veterinarian names who do acupuncture down here. The first gentleman barely got the needles in and then left the room. Half of them fell out within the first 5 minutes. I walked out and said that he was no Dr. Chattigre!!! I will say that we didn’t go back.  I had remembered another veterinarian that lives in Los Angeles and drives into La Quinta every weekend to work. He’s been doing acupuncture since the 1980s. He was better but still left the room and a few of her needles came out. I have come to appreciate the “touch” that Dr. Chattigre gives.

Your staff up front are very sweet and caring. May I say that Tiffany is excellent. She is sweet, great with the animals, and wonderful to “schmooz” with!!!

Would we recommend Cascade Summit Vet? Absolutely.

As for how Sissy is doing – with her treatments and supplements that Dr. Chattigre has put her on, she feels better now than ever. Her Wobblers’ has not progressed – if anything, she is doing better. She is happy and frisky and almost 8 years old.

Sue and Ken Miller
March 9, 2012

Veterinarian - Testimonials

I first found out about Cascade Summit Animal Hospital on Aug. 18, 2011 when my dog, Mab, had been diagnosed with lymphoma by her veterinarian, Dr. Steve Haley, at the Parkway Veterinary Clinic in Lake Oswego.

In shock and fear, I followed Dr. Haley’s recommendation to take Mab to Dr. Lauren Chattigre for holistic care, knowing that I did not want to pursue conventional cancer treatments like chemo and radiation.

From the first minute Mab and I walked into Cascade Summit, we were greeted by friendly, compassionate women at the front desk.

After meeting Dr. Chattigre and having her treat Mab with her first acupuncture session, I felt encouraged and hopeful.  And when I could see the benefit of the Chinese herbs she prescribed, and the difference feeding good organic food and vegetables made in the way Mab looked and acted, I knew I was on the right path toward keeping Mab happy and comfortable.

Dr. Chattigre’s gentle personality, and her ability to really listen to me and to Mab, have been so comforting and supportive.  She always returns email inquiries and phone calls promptly, even on weekends.  And Mab feels her love every time she walks into the exam room.

Now, all I have to say is “Let’s go see Dr. Lauren” and Mab wags and wiggles and hangs out the car window all the way to West Linn, and can hardly wait to get out of the car to visit her once again.

The front desk staff has been interested, professional and incredibly kind, and I have already recommended Dr. Chattigre to potential new clients.

When people see Mab in the park and I tell them she has cancer, they can’t believe it, as she looks so healthy and well.  Her coat gleams, her eyes sparkle, and she’s upbeat and engaged.

She is a walking testimonial to Dr. Chattigre’s gifts and loving care.

Judith Richmond
November 18, 2011


We would like to express our thoughts and feelings about Dr. Christine Ortner and Cascade Summit Animal Hospital located in West Linn, Oregon.

Dr. Ortner has been our family veterinarian for over five years.  We have found her to be an outstanding veterinarian. She is professional, thorough, extremely knowledgeable, generous, caring, and kind. We like Dr. Ortner and we like and appreciate how she cares for our pets.

Dr. Ortner not only has a strong knowledge base as a veterinarian, she consistently attends seminars and workshops furthering that knowledge base. She consults with other veterinarians and veterinary specialists when needed.  Dr. Ortner will take the time to research a condition, an illness, a drug, and/or a drug therapy, not only for her own information, but to increase the client’s knowledge base as well.  She is thorough!

Dr. Ortner’s generosity extends to her availability to her clients and their pets.  She provides longer than average appointment times so that any concerns and/or questions are addressed.  The client leaves the office feeling valued.

We appreciate that Dr. Ortner has chosen a staff that is professional, knowledgeable, and kind.  She insists on it! We feel that choosing Dr. Ortner for our veterinarian, we are working as a team – veterinarian and client and pets as partners.  It is a team that works together for the best care possible for our pets.  Dr. Ortner is not threatened by our many questions – she welcomes them!  We are actively involved in our pet’s care.  Our pets are our children! We are meticulous about their care and who cares for them.  When we moved to this area, it took us a while to find Dr. Christine Ortner and Cascade Summit Animal Hospital.  We feel fortunate that we did find her.  We do work well together as a team.  And, speaking for our pets, they are happy we found her too.

Mary and John Kihlstrum
October 3, 2011

Cascade Hospital - Testimonials

I’d like to spread the word about what wonderful care Dr. Chattigre gives my cat Naomi.  When she was ten years old traditional vets seemed unable to find a cause for and help her weight loss, although she was on thyroid medication.  Dr. Chattigre used acupuncture, reiki, and some homeopathics to help her gain and maintain weight. Dr. Chattigre’s diagnoses of food allergies probably saved my cat’s life.  She came up with an appropriate diet for Naomi, who no longer has any symptoms of her once very severe irritable bowel syndrome.  At age fifteen she was diagnosed with small cell lymphoma.  She went through a very brief chemotherapy treatment because she couldn’t tolerate the drugs, but that was enough to put her in remission.  Through Dr. Chattigre’s care in the office, with long-distance reike, and with the prescribed homeopathics, Naomi has celebrated her sixteenth birthday and is holding her weight and her activity level.  Despite a diagnosis of small cell lymphoma and an intolerance to the chemo, Naomi is in her seventh month post-chemo and in excellent health.  We cannot thank Dr. Chattigre enough for this intuitive diagnosis.  Naomi is definitely a fighter and a miracle kitty with a remarkable vet.

Samantha Waltz

Animal Hospital

At the top of the list is Thank You All for being there – and for your grounded and compassionate professionalism and experience! Navigating the last days and weeks being with a beloved animal is territory not often traveled by some of us humans – and you were the perfect guides for our cat Princess and me as we found ourselves in those horrid rapids these past weeks! Your insightful support, the phone calls even after hours on that first Saturday afternoon, the kindness and warm welcome with each interaction, and that near-miraculous securing of an  appointment with a cardiologist on the afternoon of New Years Eve is only the beginning of the list of “what makes Cascade Summit Animal Hospital unquestionably the best anywhere!”

It’s in these subtle but incredibly powerful details that happened along the way that true greatness deserves notice. From that phone call where my thoughts that Prin was indeed letting us know it “was time” were confirmed, to the “come on in” and inferred “we’ll make room for you”, to the calm, supportive tone everybody had with my husband Jerry and I as we walked in the door. When in any crisis, being able to lean on the experienced guiding voices around us becomes something more than a life-line, it’s an absolute blessing. Your supportive manner helped immeasurably in making this part of our experience a good one. What a blessing it is to get to have found you.

Jan and Jerry Pritchard

Testimonials - Cascade Summit Veterinary Hospital

A little over a year ago, my precious dog and constant companion “B” was given two weeks to two months to live. “B” came to me when she was six weeks old and we had rarely been separated in thirteen years. She even came to work with me and flew several times coast to coast with me, seated in the cabin of course. The news that an abdominal tumor was inoperable and would soon kill “B” was devastating. I couldn’t live with the diagnosis, and when I literally stumbled across Cascade Summit Animal Hospital, I quickly decided to get a second opinion. There I had the good fortune to see Dr. Christine Ortner. We then embarked on a second round of diagnostics, and whether it was my desperation or the challenge, Dr. Ortner applied her skills and called on specialists to help where needed. After identifying the problem, a surgical specialist was found who had the experience needed and surgery was performed. Suffice to say, “B” just turned 14, she is healthy and I delight in every day she is with me. If not for the understanding, skill and persistence of Dr. Ortner and her staff, I would still be mourning the loss of my “B”. At all stages, all persons at Cascade Summit Animal Hospital acted with the utmost caring and professionalism. No words can adequately express my gratitude. They are my HMO of choice.

Dell Smith


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