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Internet Pharmacy Release Form

We receive a fax from an online pharmacy informing us of a prescription authorization request.

We do require our clients to sign a one-time outside internet pharmacy release form that will be kept on file for future internet pharmacy prescriptions. If you have an internet pharmacy that you would like your medications filled or refilled at, we are happy to authorize the prescription once the release form is signed. This form releases Cascade Summit Animal Hospital of liability associated with the received medications. Please contact our front desk with any further questions regarding this.

We want to also take this time to make sure that our clients are aware of our Cascade Summit online store. If you enjoy the ease of ordering online along with the benefit of competitive online pricing, you may want to consider ordering from the online pharmacy linked from our website.


This option is absolutely preferred by our veterinarians because it is directly from our authorized vendors and ensures that the product you are getting is real, in original packaging, is well within the expiration date and has been properly handled.

If you would like to use the Cascade Summit online store for this prescription, please email us at cascadesummitvets@comcast.net or call us at 503-655-1722. If you would like to continue your purchase from a different online pharmacy, please sign and return the Internet Pharmacy Release Form found below. Once received, we will be able to authorize the prescription.

Cascade Summit Animal Hospital

Internet Pharmacy Release Form

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“I have asked Cascade Summit Animal Hospital (CSAH) to write a prescription for my pet’s medication to be filled at an internet pharmacy. I understand that medications purchased at CSAH have been directly acquired from pharmaceutical companies or their authorized distributors, have been shipped and stored according to the manufacturer’s specifications, and are backed by the manufacturer’s warranty; such guarantees are not available through internet pharmacies. I further understand that CSAH cannot be held liable for any problems involving medications from an internet pharmacy, including mistakes in filling the medication, errors in prescription labelling or instructions, product failure, or hospital care resulting from product failure or adverse effects.”

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We are happy to authorize prescriptions on request, but we encourage clients to compare the cost of internet medications and mailing fees with the comparable cost and convenience, and the incomparable safety and peace of mind, of using our own pharmacy.

Purchasing medications from CSAH also helps support our excellent hospital staff and equipment.

Thank you!


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