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Formalized as a healing modality in Japan, reiki has its origins in Chinese medicine, Daoism, and Tendai Buddhism.  It involves placement of the hands over key locations on the body, typically on important Chinese acupoints and meridians.  Rather than using needles, however, the hands of a certified practitioner have been “attuned” to serve as the conduit for harmonization of the patient’s energy.  Reiki practitioners are also taught the use of ancient symbols that aid the harmonization process. The intent of reiki is free of attachment to outcome, holding as it’s only goal the restoration of the patient’s own freely expressive inner nature and unique path.

Dr. Chattigre also offers reiki for humans! She has been certified to work on humans for twenty years but focused on her animal patients for most of that time. She now has availability for humans at a gym in Milwaukie during off hours when it’s quiet. Please see www.corereiki.net for details. To schedule an appointment, please call 503-310-3852 or email Dr. Chattigre. Thanks for your interest!


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