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The Importance of Parasite Prevention

The Importance of Parasite Prevention

We believe in the importance of keeping all pets on monthly deworming and flea prevention.  A significant amount of pets test positive for intestinal parasites, which they pick up from water sources, parks, wild animal feces, and the ground in their own backyard.  And here in Oregon, we see fleas and roundworms year-round!  Roundworms are contagious to people, and children are the most susceptible.  It is extremely important to prevent these infections in our pets and families!  Our veterinarians are very passionate about protecting our clients and their children from zoonotic diseases.  Please read Dr. Christine Ortner’s latest blog on our website about diseases that people can catch from their pets and how to prevent them.
We feel so strongly about the importance of preventive treatment that we would like to offer a promotion so that more of our patients can be covered.  Come in during the month of May for deals on Revolution for cats and Trifexis for dogs. Revolution is offering 2-free doses with an in-clinic purchase of a 6-pack. To get $10 off of Trifexis, go to their website and print the rebate form.  A 12-month supply will get you a $25 rebate! Like us on Facebook to receive promotions and discounts.  We will be posting additional offers for Revolution and Trifexis on June 1st.
Pets should be seen by a veterinarian every 6 to 12 months for routine examinations and blood work.  Dogs must also have a heartworm test performed annually in order to obtain a Trifexis prescription.  Please call us to set up a physical well-pet exam if we haven’t had the pleasure of seeing you recently.
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