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The Importance of Wellness Screens

The Importance of Wellness Screens

Dr. Rigby says, "When was your pets last wellness screen?"
Dr. Rigby says, “When was your pets last wellness screen?”

More than 10 percent of pets brought to veterinary clinics for checkups have some type of underlying disease or abnormality. Many of these pets appear normal upon physical examination, and their abnormalities would go undetected without a wellness screen- a blood screen designed to detect these silent problems. The process of disease development can be slow and insidious. When an organ system starts to fail, that organ will compensate to bring function back to normal. Over time, this compensating mechanism will fail and the pet will become ill.

Early detection of disease is key. Once a problem has been identified, we can make appropriate treatment recommendations at a point when treatment will make the most difference. In some cases, a transition to a prescription diet is all that’s needed to avoid major health problems.

At our hospital, we can perform a simple blood test that will check your pet’s liver, kidneys, electrolytes, minerals and blood sugar. When your pet comes in for their wellness visit, we always recommend doing a full wellness panel.

Young-adult pets (ages 1 to 7) are recommended to have annual blood screen while senior pets (ages 7 and up) are recommended to have semi-annual blood screens. Senior screenings are performed every 6 months because the body changes at a more rapid pace and can identify and uncover potential medical issues. Your pet’s’ routine check-ups allow your veterinarian to identify or prevent medical conditions early, before they become major problems. When simple diagnostic lab work is combined with a wellness examination, kidney and liver disease, anemia and other internal problems can be discovered before any clinical symptoms appear.

Early diagnosis means better disease management and prevention, and a longer, happier life for your pet. Is your pet due for their annual or semi-annual wellness screen?  Give us a call!



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