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Woobies ‘n Things

Woobies ‘n Things

deegan on bedDuring acupuncture it’s best if pets can stay relatively still while the needles are in. A great way to help pets relax in one spot is to bring a familiar blanket or pad from home. The scent of a familiar place of repose gives pets a go-to spot for receiving their treatment. For pets who have mobility issues with difficulty on slippery surfaces, a bath mat with sticky backing is perfect (and easy to roll up and transport). Bedding, bath mats, and blankets should ideally be free of high edges to prevent the needles from snagging on the sides.

Some pets also appreciate the addition of a favorite toy or chewy. This can help keep them occupied during treatment. Toys apt to be thrown around in play should be left at home though. For cookies, it’s best to leave those until the end of treatment to minimize food seeking behavior during therapy.

Lastly, for nervous pets herbal calmers are available to give prior to treatments. Pheromone calmers like D.A.P. collars for dogs and Feliway spray for cats can help too. And if your pet has another animal friend who helps them relax, they’re welcome to come along.



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